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Cooperation with us



We invite truck owners to cooperate with STRANSBUD! We have a wide client base and constant demand for cargo transportation. We cooperate only with the best and reliable partners, we value our reputation in the market of transport services and we always pay our subcontractors on time.

Why is it beneficial to work with STRANSBUD?

We help you to make your cars work for you and bring you maximum income

We are responsible for the delivery of the cargo and resolve any problems that may arise during transportation

You receive a steady flow of new orders from us, as well as a full range of logistics services to fulfill these orders

The opportunity to focus on your main activity and business development, without spending time and resources on organizing transportation by yourself

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Contact us and learn more about cooperation opportunities!

Our company has many years of experience in working with various types of cargo and provides the necessary logistics services, which allows partner companies to be more competitive and successful. Cooperation with us will provide your business with more orders and, therefore, income.

Join our team and get stable orders right now!

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