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Freight transportation across Ukraine

Cargo transportation in Ukraine

Road truck transportation of goods in Ukraine is convenient for those who urgently need to transport goods without losing time on the way. Regardless of where the addressee is, we deliver the cargo promptly and with high quality.

Our company offers domestic road cargo transportation that will quickly and reliably deliver any type of cargo. Entrusting us with your goods, you can be sure of their safe and timely delivery to their destination.

The most optimal and safe routes

A modern fleet and a wide partner network throughout Ukraine

Individual schedule and route for each client

Professional drivers with many years of experience

Cargo transportation services include:

Selection of transport in accordance with the dimensions of the cargo

Cargo tracking along the entire journey

Development of the optimal route

Preparation of necessary transport documents

Carrying out loading and unloading operations

Customs clearance and cargo insurance

STRANSBUD is a reliable partner for cargo delivery

We strive to provide quality services that will satisfy the needs of our customers and ensure smooth and fast delivery of goods to their destination.

STRANSBUD's own fleet consists of vehicles of various load capacities and types. The number of vehicles regularly increases in accordance with the growing volumes of transportation. This allows you to fulfill various types of requests from the client, to provide services in a timely and high-quality manner, regardless of the volume and direction of road freight transportation.

Types of road transport in our fleet

Covered trucks

We provide transportation of various goods by covered vehicles. Tent semi-trailers are convenient for transporting various types of goods that do not require special conditions of transportation. They are ideal for the transportation of large loads and thanks to convenient access to the load, the process of loading and unloading becomes faster and more efficient. We carry many types of products, including safe chemicals, groupage, lumber, construction materials, metal and more.


Refrigerated trucks are specialized vehicles used to transport temperature-sensitive goods such as food and medicine. Refrigerators are equipped with a temperature control system that allows you to maintain the required temperature during the entire transportation journey. This type of vehicle allows to ensure the maximum freshness and safety of transportation of food and other goods that require storage under certain temperature conditions.


Dump and grain trucks 

Dump trucks and grain trucks are popular types of vehicles for the transportation of grain and oil crops, construction materials, and other cargo. Dump trucks are a convenient type of transport for transporting large loads. Grain trucks have a special design that allows grain crops to be transported without damage and loss of product quality.

Food tanks

Food tankers are specially equipped vehicles designed for the transportation of various types of food products. These tanks are made of stainless steel or aluminum, which allows you to keep products clean and ensures the safety of food products during transportation. Such tanks ensure the preservation and quality of food products during transportation.

How to order car
transportation in Ukraine?

You can order a truck by contacting us at the phone number indicated below. You can also fill out the cost calculation form and our managers will contact you. Our fleet will allow you to choose the necessary transport, and the logistics experts will make the optimal route for you.

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