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STRANSBUD вантажні перевезення

International freight forwarding

Freight forwarding services

Stransbud organizes and provides transportation of export, import, transit or other cargo under a freight forwarding agreement. Our company provides transport and forwarding services using both its own fleet and cooperation with subcontractors. This allows us to increase the volume of services and the geography of cargo delivery for our customers.

If our own fleet is unable to deliver according to the required rates, deadlines and responsibilities, our experts will help you find logistics solutions for your business. We work only with the best and reliable companies. 

Transport and forwarding services include a full range of cargo transportation services:

Selection of transport in accordance with the dimensions of the cargo

Cargo tracking along the entire journey

Development of the optimal route

Preparation of necessary transport documents

Carrying out loading and unloading operations

Organization of cargo transportation, transshipment and storage

We serve the following industries:

Construction and repair

Industrial   equipment




Food industry



Machine building

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